The Reader Company

Digital Impact for Publishers

The Reader Company (TRC) creates products with digital impact for Publishers. TRC believes that user engagement starts with a great reading experience combined with relevant content. This requires a fruitful interdisciplinary cooperation between technology and editors; between developers and content creators. Editors care for unique stories and creative storytelling, TRC is focused on a premium presentation of this content.


TRC’s innovation platform allows Publishers to experiment without big investments and take the lead in both user experience and data driven optimization. This will lead to more engagement. And more willingness to pay for content.

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Why did we start TRC? We want to offer a future to paid journalism. One of our award-winning products is TRC Select which is branded as NRC Reader and NZZ Selekt (Neue Zuricher Zeiting). Our next product TRC Flux is a personalized timeline for news apps.
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“The Reader is an essential part of our digital innovation strategy”, Rien van Beemen, CEO of NRC
Our most famous work yet is the NRC Reader, a branded version of TRC Select. It consists of an iOS app, a web app and a content management system. The platform is widely seen as an innovative solution to digital publishing. It is the only award winning complete solution for Subcompact Publishing. This new approach to digitial publishing together with the award winning platform have helped the NRC achieve a reputation as an innovator within the publishing world.



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